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By committing resources and assets, we've developed a high impact weekend, dedicated to developing students' interpersonal and innovational learning in order to cultivate the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs through intensive education and networking with industry leaders. We aim to provide students the necessary tools and environment where they can refine their leadership skills to allow them to have a clear vision of their future.

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Affordable Housing

Invested in advancing affordable housing, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to invest and develop on the construction and preservation of affordable housing in the region. We also seek to support prominent and effective organizations that raise awareness and advocate for innovative approaches to the issue of affordable housing.

Modern Housing Project

Poverty in the Community

Committed to enhancing the lived environment through our investments, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to develop strategic partnerships with organizations what educate, enrich and facilitate the lives of the financially disadvantaged. We seek to not only support organizations that promote but also to integrate a diverse range skilled labor into our projects and existing developments. We believe this will help not only educate and inspire, but also provide a showcase for local talent - all while lifting them out of poverty.

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Dedicated to education, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to maintain strategic partnerships with organizations that focus directly on literacy and early education in the region while also maintaining consistent support for prominent and effective organizations that pursue broader education initiatives.


Environmental Responsibility

Loyal to smart growth, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to support organizations that enhance and preserve the environment through efforts to improve and raise awareness about energy efficiency, clean water, clean air, sustainable materials and products, and preserving natural habitats.

Sustainable Energy

Equal Rights

Committed to equal rights, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to support organizations whose missions are focused on equal rights for women, ethnic groups, and other disenfranchised minority groups.

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By committing ourselves to the goals of smart growth and civic responsibility, RJM NEXTGEN seeks to develop buildings that improve communities while preserving our environment and conserving our resources. Sustainability efforts are centered upon creating value through the strategic design, development and management of properties that result in energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction. We believe in an alignment of our business practices with the principals of sustainable growth.

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